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To start off, even though they have a nice demeanor, they SUCK at communication. I’m grateful they published my book and THAT’S IT. Their editing team is amateur, so much so that I had to go outside of them and pay another editor to edit my work AFTER I shelled out $4,000 dollars for the publishing deal that was SUPPOSED to include professional editors and marketing.

The first editing round was half-a*s and they grayed about a bunch of important things in my book, advising I delete it. One specific chapter, they took out WITHOUT my permission. I guess they thought I wouldn’t catch it even though I know my own book like the back of my hand. It took me calling three times to finally get them to put the chapter back in there! They also changed project managers on me like a girl changes clothes. I went through six project managers, the others mysteriously vanishing from Tate Publishing. They also promised my photo would be on the back and when the prints came out, it wasn’t.

Then they tried to charge me $500 dollars to fix it AFTER they’d told me my photo would be on there! After I complained, they fixed it for free as they should since it was their bad. They promised they would make the contacts for me for book signing events which I’ve YET to have one. They make it sound so hard to get connections but I’ve chocked it up to sheer laziness considering a few weeks ago, I walked into a local bookstore and the manager was more than happy to take three of my books for them to review and get a release to have my book put in their store!

Here’s the REAL kicker…first round of royalty checks were to be sent in late January. Here we are in April and I’ve called FOUR times over the span of two months, telling them I haven’t gotten my check to which they gave me bullshit excuses each time.

The first excuse: the checks were late going out and I should get it within the week:

Second excuse: They already sent it and should have gotten it. Since I didn’t they would reissue it.

Third excuse: my check was in the next batch to go out.

Fourth call: they sent me to someone’s voicemail and have yet to receive a call!

I’m seriously considering a lawsuit. It’s RIDICULOUS. I’m SHOCKED they have a good rating in the BBB because I’m not the only one who has had major issues with them. I took a chance and submitted my manuscript only to find out the horror was real. If I could could the times I’ve been sent to voice mail, I’d be freaking rich.

I DO NOT advise anyone to publish with them. Frankly, it’s appalling their still in business. I’m almost finished writing my second novel and you can bet your a*s I won’t be publishing with them again, even though they are sending me pesky emails about publishing with them for life. HAHAHAHA! Well, that’s not just a no but a HELL EFFING NO. If you choose to publish with them, be prepared to spend a fortune without any success.

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