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In november of 2014 I got in contact with ae trading located in korea (Aetrading.Co.Kr) . I am in search for used tires to ship to the island of dominica. Ae trading said they were able to supply me with high quality used tires, the sales guy which going my the name of kim send me an invoice for 880 used tires at $5.00 per tires (of various sizes. ) total including shipping $8200.00 I wired ae trading $4400 and the rest was due up me receiving the bill of landing

To make a long story short , ae trading shipped the container with me verifying the bill of landing because the Bill of landing was fake. Secondly ae trading shipped the container to dominica republic and tried to say I gave the wrong shipping information.

After months of trying to retrieve the container from dr I was informed that ae trading did not pay the fright from korea to dr and I had to pay the fright before the container was re list.

After I speed another $5500.00 the container was re list and shipped to the island of dominica. When the container riches in dominica we were shocked to find out the ae trading had shipped only 440 of the 880 used tires ( very poor quality) that I paid for.
Ae trading has since refused to refund me and claimed that the container was opened the dr which is not true because the seal was never tampered with.  aetradinginvoice

AE trading has stop replying to my emails, further more I found out the kim is not a korean but an african doing fraudulent business in korea.

Ae trading – Mrs kim se hyeon  | Aetrading.Co.Kr

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hello this Is Rangers Tire service from Antigua this is the same situation that is happening right now we ordered 1800 tires and only receive 965 and they told us that they will give us the remaining tires they have for us for free but have to pay for shipping now that is has been paid for they are not responding to our emails and we are running out of tires and we need another container ASAP.

my name is kelvy from santo domingo, we passed through a similar situation with AE TRADING, we lost more that 40k , now they are registered in some pages as KMART TRADING:

They are so stupid that now are using the same pics to show the items for sale

Be capful with this scammers AE trading and KMART trading are the same company.


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