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In November 2014 I signed a 2-yr contract with DISH, however i was scammed into renting a home that was in foreclosure & I was court ordered to remove myself from the premise in a short time. I moved out February 1, 2015. I am now living with a friend who unfortunately is contracted with another company & is unwilling to change over to dish, due to their current contract.

When I explained all this to your DISH representatives: ID#IWH & his supervisor in Philipines, i was told that they were told by DISH Executive team that even in this strange & unusual circumstance & with my intent of being of being a generous customer, I cold not come out of this contract, the only way i could come out of it was by paying $400+ .

I find that the decision was very inconsiderate & in no way compassionate of a loyal customer who absolutely had no control over this situation. I will however do what i need to complete this contract on my behalf , but i will never ever recommend your services to anyone I know, as a matter of fact all my friends & family will know how inconsiderate DISH network is when it comes to strange & unusual life circumstances out of our control. For the remainder of this contract consider me a very unhappy customer who will never sign up with dish again.

All I wanted was out of the 2 yr. contract due to my unusual circumstance. Why did it have to be this difficult to do?


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