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My personal account information was used by DirecTV without my consent and I was charged $941.31 in outrageous fees and penalties. When I called their customer service, the representative told me they had the right to do so as they retained my credit/debit information from past payments made on my former account. I told them this was criminal as I did not give my consent to do this nor would I ever imagined that they would keep my information available to use at any time they choose?

I have filed a formal complaint to DirecTV, the BBB and the local news investigation team. I truly feel that this practice is well beyond deceitful and I will never use or recommend DirecTV service to anyone I know. I want to make sure this does not happen to anyone else. Be careful of making any type of payments on THEIR website, again, who has the right to keep you information on file and use it at will WITHOUT your permission?

As much fraud, website hacking, etc. this is all the more reason this should NEVER be allowed as a business practice.

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