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In the first part of April I contacted Century Link (CL) to see if it would be cheaper to bundle my DirecTV (DT) with them. I would save money, so worked with CL rep to change DT over CL billing. When completed on his end, he transferred me to the DT rep.. This DT rep was not happy on how the CL rep handled the process of shutting off and turning on again the service for DT. I thought she had taken care of the closing of the DT account and shut off date, but unbeknownst to me, she had not. She acted like she was but was more worried about CL persons actions then doing her job.

When I found out I still had two accounts, was when I received the DT billing showing I owed for the next months service, of $93.00. I called and then found out nothing had been handled by the DT rep.. When I spoke with new DT rep on 4/15/15 she stated my bill did show 0 balance. I was showing $93.00 still owed. She took care of shut off and final bill and assured me it was a 0 balance.

I have received a least 5 calls from customer service from DT on different occasions, asking me why I have left DT, each time I had to explain I haven’t left, I just did a bundle with CL. Finally I asked them to put in record that I didn’t cancel, I bundled with CL. Then on 5/16/15 – I got a message from DT stating that it is important to contact them. I call customer service and find out I have an outstanding balance of 21.98. I told them my last bill showed 0 balance.

Finally get to the bottom of this AND GET THIS… When I sent my boxes back, they found movies that I ordered but didn’t pay for back in 2010 and it’s now 2015. GIVE ME A BREAK… How can I prove or disprove any of this, I asked. The lady said go to your 2010 bill and you’ll see that you didn’t pay for the movie! Really, and I would remember the movies I ordered OR if I did order any movies.

This is such a sham. They are sending me a bill to show me where the charges are for the 21.98. I don’t know too many companies that can go back 5 years and say, “Oh, we did an audit and we failed to bill you and now here’s the bill!”

If I had this all to do over, the money I’m saving on the bundling, is NOT worth all the I’ve had to deal with DirecTV.

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