Liars & Thievies - DIRECTV

They have doubled the price on me. Call and they put you on hold and during the day they know you are at work and only have limited time so they put you on hold or the computer is down.

Then your running out of time and have to go. They added over a $100 to my bill that I did not approve or want and when you finally get thru to them you go thru the before mentioned and have to call back because you ran out of time.

Then when you get back to them they say that you needed to contact them within so many days so you have to pay for it. Rip off all the way around. You can’t believe their early disconnect because they will charge you for it.

So I just finally got minimum service and live out the contract and drop them like a bad habit.

Terrible experience. Worst decision I ever made….well except for that marriage but otherwise the absolute worst.

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