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When I signed up for Direct, the deal that was offered as as follows: I was supposed to get their Genie DVR free, a $100 gift card, my choice package for 29.95 a month, 3 months of premium channels for free. I was to receive $5.00 a month by bundling with internet, provided by AT&T, and would receive my bill for both services on just one bill.

I had my DirectTV and internet (through AT&T installed on the same day. That was four months ago. Each and every month since then, I have had to call them, attempting to get what they offered and promised, with very limited success. It took me 2 months, of calling to finally receive my gift card. I was able to successfully cancel my three month premium channel trial without being charged after that time.

With regard to the Genie, I had never had service with Direct, so had never seen their various boxes. The installer showed me when he left that I was receiving the stations. It was not until about 3 weeks later that I decided I wanted to look for a show on the On Demand feature. I could not find it. I called Direct, and discovered they had not installed the Genie, but a standard box, and therefore, I had no dvr and no ability to watch On Demand programming. I was told that since I did not discover THEIR mistake within 14 days, although I had discovered it prior to receiving my first bill, they would not fix it. I was told that if I wanted a Genie now, it would not be free, I would have to pay 299.00 for one, and then it would cost me 25.00 a month. This issue, 4 months later is unresolved. Since the one feature I wanted was the ability to watch On Demand programming, I have no reason to have satellite tv from them at all.

My Choice package was to be $29.00 a month (minus the bundling discount discussed later) and it is. However, they also are charging me 6.50 a month, for the box that lets me view it. Since you cannot get the service without the box, the actual costs monthly is 35.50. Total ripoff and misrepresentation.

And now to the bundling. At the time I placed the order, I had to talk to first Direct TV and then to ATT to arrange for both installations. I was told I would receive a single bill issued by ATT which would have the Direct TV portion on it, and get a 5.00 discount for being bundled. The first month, both bills came separately, with no discount. Direct TV informed me that until I paid my first ATT bill, they couldn’t bundle the bill, but I would receive my $5 credit on the next months bill. Month two, separate bills again, no credits showing. Was told by Direct TV that it would happen on the next billing cycle.

Third month, Direct TV now informed me that they could not bundle the bill for me, ATT had to do it. Between ATT and Direct TV I spent almost 3 hours on the phone, which resulted in ATT assuring me my bill would now be bundled with Direct TV. Direct TV assured me it would be bundled, and I would receive my $5.00 credits for the 3 months on my next bill.

Well, this month, again, two separate bills. ATT has done its bit, and there is a nice little column on my itemized bill for my DirectTV services. However, that column has no charges, as they never received my billing information from Direct TV. Further, my Direct TV billing statement, of course, still does not have the credit for being bundled, and in fact, said that as of February 22, they were discontinuing the $5 discount, due to “non compliance”.

At this point, four months into this, what I wanted from DirectTV was fairly simple. Send my information to ATT, so I can receive a single bill, and give me the $20 in credit ($5 a month for 4 months) I was promised. I was informed that my discount was not allowed, because MY BILLING WAS NOT BUNDLED, despite the fact I had ordered the services together, installed them same day, and it was due to these two companies failure to communicate with each other that the bundling was not yet done. despite my calling every single month to fix it. Further, since Direct TV had failed to do this (ATT has done their bit), and despite my best efforts with both, Direct TV is denying past credits. Direct TV again, is blaming ATT, and went so far as to say that ATT told them that I had called and cancelled bundled billing. It did not matter to Direct TV that I had spent hours with ATT the previous months just getting it done, or that ATT had sent me a bundled bill, minus their information, so clearly it was set up.

I have no problem with ATT. They have charged what they said they would, get my bill to me, and done what they should do. I will keep them for my internet regardless of what I choose to do about the tv. If it was possible, I would cancel Direct, the worst company ever, but I was informed that since I have a two year contract, if I cancel, they will charge me 20 a month for each month of the contract, (21 months to go) which at this time is $420.00. I may very well be doomed at least for awhile to expect to make monthly calls to them, trying to get them to correct their billing, and give me my discount and credits owed. As of this month, while it is only $20.00 I have been overcharged, I should not be overcharged at all. By the end of the contract, if this is not rectified, I will have overpaid them $120.00.

In short, with Direct, they overcharge, are incompetent, do not provide either the service or equipment they offer in their deals, and do not care if the mistake is theirs. My mistake was using them to begin with. Once I can figure out how to make them go away, I will never use them or recommend them to anyone. OH, and a scary final note, they keep your payment information, so if you do cancel, they will simply deduct what they feel they are owed from your bank without your consent or authorization.

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