I ordered the the direct tv package that came with the nfl package and 3 months premium channels with a $150 visa gift card and a “supposed locked in rate for 2 yrs” Well come to find out there is no record of my gift card and the rate is NOT locked in after the first year it goes up almost $30. None of this was explained at all it was all smoke and mirrors and when i called about the gift card not being sent out when i called to cancel the 3 months premium channels i was told that the card was coming just give it a little more time.

So i called again and there is no record of the gift card being promised nor is there a record of the conversation I had regarding the card the first time. I asked the supervisor to look at the date i ordered and see that that promotion was going on at the time and he told me there is nothing he could do. I told him to check the call recording of the conversations sense all the calls are recorded and he would find i am speaking the truth and he says unfortunately there is nothing he can do. What a rip off they do not honor their own promotions.

So ticked off right now , I under stand that people try to scam to get things but this is a legit complaint and even giving them everything they need to check into the situation they refused to use what could validate my claim. I will never do business with them again and it sucks because I liked direct tv but not if they are going to not honor their own promotions

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