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We were told many things that were not true. The product isn’t something we can use, and our salesman knew that. He told us lies to get us to sign.

We attended a Diamond Resorts presentation at the Polo Towers on June 14, 2014. We already owned 2 timeshares, so we understood how they work. The first thing I did was tell our salesman (Miguel) how we vacation, why we do it that way, and why we couldn’t use one of our timeshares. We have 6 kids so long distance travel is not an option. We told him that we only vacation in our home state, and that we never use exchange services like RCI or II because we don’t like paying extra fees after paying so much for the timeshare itself. We also explained that we can’t vacation for a full week at a time. The salesman proceeded to tell us the following lies:

Lie #1) He showed us a map of our state with all the resort options. There was easily over a dozen resorts. He said we would have access to all those resorts, without paying extra fees.

Truth #1) Diamond only owns 2 resorts in our home state. All the others require paying a fee to II. We would not have purchased if we knew that.

Lie #2) We were told that we didn’t need to book full weeks to use the program.

Truth #2) 1 of the only 2 resorts in our state requires a full week stay. So now we are down to one resort that we can potentially use. Club Select offers a few more in state options, but those require a full week as well. DRIs response is that we don’t have to stay for the whole week. But I still have to pay for the whole week, so that’s beside the point. Those weeks use all my points, and cost hundreds of dollars on top of that.

Lie #3) We were told that we would almost always be able to get the reservations we want.

Truth #3) The one resort we could use it doesn’t have any units the right size available for the next YEAR. The location I wanted in Hawaii doesn’t have any opening at all for the next YEAR.

Lie #4) I knew we were purchasing a low point package, but they told us we would be able to get 7-10 nights on average for the amount of points we were buying. I asked to look at the website and see what was really available. Instead they came back with a stack of printouts showing all the opening they had right then. There were a lot of units listed as available.

Truth #4) Later, after I got home I looked up several standard resorts (not Hawaii) and found I could only get 3-4 nights a year. I also didn’t have enough points to use 3 out of the 4 Club Select weeks available in our state. Those printouts they showed us were for the entire diamond network, and listed each unit & date combination on its own line. So of course the list was huge.

We purchased the timeshare believing that we would have more resorts, and real availability. When I discovered the truth about the program I called our quality assurance officer. He tried to help by explaining about Club Select, but that didn’t help. He referred me to the sales office.

I spent the next month leaving messages, being put on hold, told to call another department, and promised I would be called back. I can’t even count how many times I called Diamond Resorts International trying to get some answers. I finally got to the right person and was told I didn’t understand the program and that I just had buyer’s remorse. I have other timeshares. I know how they work. I was lied to about what their program had to offer. I never would have purchased if I had been told the truth. Our salesman new in the first 5 min DRI wouldn’t work for us. So he lied to make it sound like a great fit for us. Flat out misrepresentation.

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