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About 4 years ago, we went to Sedona Summit on an Interval International Getaway (very low rate, off season). We got sucked into their sales presentation. Diamond Resorts International promised us all kinds of things and then took us to see a remodeled unit that likely is one of a kind. I did NOT want to get involved but my wife felt it would be good because of the flexibility. We were supposed to go anyplace, anytime, cruises, short stays, you name it.

I kept stalling. They offered dinner, a free week, free gifts, God knows what else. Against my wishes, my wife used her own money to purchase 5000 points in “The Club”. This was to approximate 1 week. She paid $18,000! This was crazy as we’ve bought weeks at owner managed resorts for less than $5000 and $500/yr. maintenance fees. Our maintenance fees have gone up about 10% a year to almost $1300.

You can rent a month in FL for that. At this point, I would just walk away and be done but they won’t let us. They have a very nasty notice on collections on their website. I emailed asking for a way out and they said they have no buy back, sell, or relinquishment option. They said they “might” consider a hardship relinquishment if we paid off our loan (we have no loan, we paid in full STUPID!) and our 2015 maint. fee plus $250. I was a month late, not sure what to do on the maint. fee so they socked me another $50 or so. It is extremely hard to get accommodations we want, esp. in the East at any decent time.

You can get some very off season ones. Many even charge extra for internet! Diamond is a complete screw job. I don’t know how the sales people can sleep at night. I feel terrible seeing people go to the sales presentation, many seniors, sheep to the slaughter. These bastards need to either be put out of business or start operating in good faith which they certainly do not.

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