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I called Cricket and the told me I would not have any problems with reception! After buying a Nokia 635 with the promise I would get a Visa Card for $75.

After calling many times over 3 months for rebate I was told, I would not receive my rebate, because it expired!

Customer Service was one of the worst I’d ever seen! Could not understand them and on hold for 30-40 minutes every time. I had one Customer Service person actually told me all the other Cricket personnel had Lied to me on purpose?

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How much did you pay? $75 rebate??? I paid $40 3 years ago for mine..one week later they dropped the price down to $20..and just last month they had it on their website for sale for .99..be careful they use bait and switch tactics…also Nokia phones tend to have faulty on/off buttons…a Cricket rep broke mine about 6 weeks ago..a phone repair shop wanted $100 to fix it…Crap phone crap company!


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