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My Wife and Myself Had a cell plan with Metro PCS, and we saw and add on the internet and also heard an add on the radio about the new Cricket wireless (Pay as you go plan)…

The following day we spoke about this plan and went with CRICKET WIRELESS…. we would save $20.00 U.S. Dollars and have 1 extra Phone for $100.00 dollars a month. We paid the first month for the sum of $100.00 dollars + TAX and one week later I wanted to upgrade my phone line to International calling for an additional $5.00 dollars a month WOW!

After we did this upgrade, The next day all of our phone lines were suspended for non payment on the account? So we called up the support team at CRICKET WIRELESS! They said that we added a new phone line and/or changed your phone plan ,it would be an additional $ 63.00 to continue your service?

At this Point My Wife is a time-bomb:

My wife : Where did the 63 dollars come from?

Cricket Support Team : you made a change on you account.
My Wife : Yes , I added International calling to my husbands phone line so he could call Canada.
Cricket Support Team : That would be $63.00 dollars to use you phones.
My Wife : so that means all of our phones are suspended ???
Cricket support Team : Yes .
My Wife : Can you return the phones back to the way they were ???
Cricket Support Team : No sorry we can’t do that until you pay $63 Dollars.

At this point my wife was in tears .
all she wanted to know is where did the $63 dollars come from

My Wife : so can you tell me where the $63 dollars came from ???
Cricket Support Team : for the International service with the plan and your normal billing it was not paid in full.
My Wife : I just added this last night and it charged my credit card $ 5.00 dollars, It also said my new bill would be $115 a month.
Cricket Support Team : Yes , But your bill is not paid in full.
My Wife : I paid my bill on the 26th of the month.
Cricket Support Team : Yes you did , but not in full.
My Wife : what do you mean , I paid the bill of $100 + tax. then I added international for my Husbands phone only, so where did the 63 come from ???

This point she asked if there is anyone that can tell her where the $63 dollars came from , and all they said was ( you made changes to your account and the billing cycle )

Then my Wife asked to speak to someone who can tell her where the $63 dollars came from? The only response she got was the same Over and Over.

To make this long story a little shorter , she called the Cricket office HQ, and she got the answer she was looking for.

They Pro Ratted the plan for the next month so it would be $63 for the additional 1/2 month and we won’t need to pay until the next month.

So we paid the $63 dollars ,And now are phones are back on.


The Cricket Support Team Needs to be better trained and a little more informative to the people, and the Stand-bye messages are way to loud , that needs to be taken care of ,
the support team needs to be a little more polite and a little more understanding with there customers.

ONE MORE THING! they need to get an ALL OUT AMERICAN in that Support team! The Cricket Support Team is not ready for the public , so if you have a problem with your Cricket Service? Call the Headquarters First… NOT THE SUPPORT TEAM!

Thank you for your attention.

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