Never depend on them when it comes to a medical emergency. - Cricket Wireless

I have a 19 year old Diabetic son in college and I give him several calls a day checking on his Sugar readings and give him advice. His bill was due on 2-4-15. Cricket cut off his phone on 2-2-15.

I called to make a payment by phone but cricket was asking me for a PIN # that was never given to me. The agent I spoke with goes by the name Han. I explained to him that I only have 1 PIN# for this family bundle. He told me the number only works for me and not him. We cane to a deadlock and he went to consult with his supervisor. He also said that he needs the PIN otherwise he cannot do anything for me to pay the bill and reach my Diabetic son.

I asked to speak to the supervisor and he put me on hold for about 50 mins after which he disconnected my call. This was so strange from an American business company. I will report this to consumer affairs in Maryland and caution anyone planning to get a cricket wireless, to think about it thoroughly.

Cricket wireless phone company – 8745 branch avenue clinton, 20735 | 301-877-0502

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