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I received my rebate debit card late January, early February 2015. The card came with a typical sticker with instructions on how to activate the card. That was the easy part. Using the debit card is a nightmare!

I’ve attempted to use the card at Target, Safeway and several restaurants and every single time, the transaction declined. I followed instructions and always ran the card as credit but it never worked.

On several occasions was very humiliating having the transaction decline. I reached out to the Customer Service department and the first time they said I didn’t properly active the card so they activated for me. Unfortunately the card still didn’t work after several new attempts.

My card has now expired and not only am I now being charged a $3 monthly fee but they are also charging me $6.95 to have a new card issued. They also said it would take 15 days to arrive in the mail.

I have to say this debit card has to be the most inconvenient and difficult rebate I have ever encountered. I will be submitting a complaint to my provider’s office and telling everyone I know about my experience with this company.

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