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When I signed up with Comcast, I had my own privately purchased cable modem. When they did the install, I refused the lease modem they offered me. A lease fee subsequently appeared on the bill. I complained and it was removed. After a few months, I quit scrutinizing the bills and just paid them. I saw on the internet that Comcast was defrauding customers by charging for personally owned equipment, so I looked at my bill and there was a fee for modem rental. I looked at previous bills and the charge went back years.

I contacted local Comcast store and they told me that their computer showed that it was not customer owned. I asked for serial number and they gave it to me. Or so I thought. They actually gave me the MAC address that they can just pull off of the network.

Back to Comcast store where they try to convince me that a MAC address is just as good as a serial number and that they now own my modem and have the right to charge me a lease fee every month. They couldn’t tell me my serial number or prove that they ever owned it. They said that all of there records were old and inaccessible. They did open a ticket to research the serial number with a warehouse somewhere. They said that if there was a discrepancy, that they could only refund 3 months of the lease fee, as that is company policy.

Apparently this is a common complaint with them.

I’m gonna open a fraud complaint with BBB and National White Collar Crime center when I get a chance. And spread the word so everyone knows how unethical they are

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