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I just received my Zoll Bill for about 3500, and almost fainted!!

I had to go to emergency room for Congestive Heart Failure. While I was in the hospital, still in shock form the physical trauma, as well as being doped up on meds, two perky little Zoll girls came into my room had me sign a bunch of forms and left me with this portable defib thing. They did NOT mention how much it would cost. There was NO doctor there so I could ask questions or see if there was an alternative. I assumed the two Zoll girls were hospital staff and that this was part of my treatment. I was NOT given any option or choice or medical insight as to why this was needed.

Then I received my bill (for the month of June) on AUGUST 8th for $3450, conveniently skipping the July charges til AFTER the fact so I couldn’t quit their rip-off service in time to save me ANOTHER $3450. As of today August 8th, I still haven’t received my July statement.

When called to complain, I got their billing department and all the guy could yammer out was “Zoll saves lives’ and he could make a payment plan. I was also told ‘my’ doctor wrote a prescription for the vest.

First of all, I was visited by three different cardiologists NONE of whom spent more than 5 minutes with me and NONE of whom would tell me what was wrong with me. Secondly, whoever wrote that prescription didn’t even TALK to me about this vest. No one told me the cost. If the would have bothered to, I would have STRONGLY objected because I can’t afford $3450 dollars a frickin’ MONTH. That’s three months of disability checks (if I didn’t have to pay rent, or eat…)

There seems to be some collusion between Zoll and the hospital wherein they permit SALES people to walk right in a patient’s room and wrangle deals from VERY ill patients who are possibly on death’s door or, at the least, doped up. Like I said…I thought they were with the hospital. It REALLY makes me think there’s some payola scam between the doctors and Zoll.

This business model is OBSCENE! That’s like some third-party giving an unwanted, and in some cases, un-NEEDED treatment to a comatose patient and charging them after the fact!

There was NO follow-up whatsoever. To this day, not a single medical professional (including the doctor who allegedly wrote a prescription that I never saw) has contacted me. I feel like I’ve been scammed and cheated by Zoll and I will not stop til this corruption is purged.

What a shameful way to do business!

This has got to stop!

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