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Club Pogo has NO SECURITY in place to protect their website. They will allow HACKERS into your account who may also download a VIRUS and their website is full of viruses. They will then do NOTHING to correct the problem THEY CREATED. I have placed several calls and wasted hours with their so-called “Tech Support” (overseas call center) who HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE on how to trouble shoot a computer

. They emailed me a link to reset my password three times but the link was broken AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS SIMPLE PROBLEM. Club Pogo and Electronic Arts are so well hidden that it is impossible to contact them and speak with anyone. They will however continue to debit your bank account for their monthly fees.

This is nothing but SIMPLE THEFT to accept money for an account that does not work and they refuse to fix. Club Pogo/Electronic Arts are nothing but SCAMMERS. Please be very careful before your agree to create an account with them. READ THE THOUSANDS OF REVIEWS ON THE INTERNET FROM MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN CHEATED. I plan on filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in their city to see if they can do anything but based on the never ending complaints I have read online I might not get anywhere.

THIS IS A VERY DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. If you are already a member BE VERY CAREFUL. Based on the information I have seen they probably won’t be in business much longer BUT THEY WILL STILL HAVE YOUR BANKING INFORMATION.

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