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Reference: Challenge corporate policy of refusing legal temporary photo ID

Don’t lie and tell me it’s the law when I know exactly what the law says:

Unlike alcohol, state and federal law says that anyone under 27 must show identification before purchasing cigarettes. Also different from alcohol, state law provides a statutory defense to the charge of selling cigarettes to someone under 18 when the buyer presented to the defendant apparently valid proof of identification issued by a governmental agency including a military ID, passport, or out-of-state driver’s license. Passport, passport card, military ID, drivers license, state ID, they’re all valid forms of ID for purchasing alcohol & cigarettes in Arizona.

Circle K has adopted the use of electronic age verifiers and are placing them in all stores. These devices simplify the process of confirming the validity of an ID by reading the magnetic strip or bar code on the back of drivers licenses. The devices also reduce the chance of human error in calculating the purchaser’s age by displaying it automatically for our clerks. New store employees receive training before they begin working at Circle K, including how to recognize fake IDs and how to refuse a sale. Circle K’s policy is to ask for proper identification from anyone who looks 30 or younger.”

On Sept 1, 2015 at Circle K Store # 2701488 located at 97 N. Garden Ave. Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 denied purchase of cigarettes and was shown corporate policies that states a temporary ID was unacceptable. The temporary ID was issued by the state of Arizona was a photo ID with a scanning code printed on enhanced security paper and red imprinted reference number.

Circle-K is denying purchase of of cigarettes based on denying a valid temporary Photo-ID with a scan code because it cannot swipe a piece of paper for data mining. There is zero reason in denying a legal purchase other than data mining. For Circle-K to have a more stringent policy in acceptable photo-ID that is tougher than what is required to vote, police officers, jury duty and in all other governmental business in a privacy invasion.

Circle-K corporate policy of 100% spying via video cams, smart phone tracking and return rewards for targeted personalized advertising is an privacy breach that involves improper or unauthorized collection, use, disclosure, retention or disposal of personal information and is improper and unauthorized access to, or disclosure of, personal information.

In 2014 alone, more than one billion personal records were illegally accessed. One example of database theft is the data hacking of consumer credit cards of Target whereas a class-action suit resulted in Target paying for the massive data breach.

Take privacy into account before making corporate decisions or entering into information-sharing agreements in regards to the data-mining that Circle-K has adopted. Unlike credit cards which can be canceled and new numbers reissued, identity theft causes problems that lingers for years.

Once a thief gains access to your personal information, the problems involved in identity theft are too daunting and devastating.

* The thief can gain access to your checking or savings account and the victim can suffer from emotional struggles besides the financial stress

* The illegal activities can cause damages to your name and it may take months or even years to clear your name.

* It takes a long time to clear your name for illegal transactions. These crimes will even form part of your credit report until your name is cleared by authorities. In such a case, you will not be able to get loans and financial services easily.

* Clearing your name in identity theft crimes can be a costly affair.

* Identity theft victims are frequently spending time in jail for crimes caused by someone else.

Cybersecurity as it relates to the protection of consumer data against data breaches is a increasingly daily expanding problem. Consumers against supermarket privacy invasion and numbering are becoming more aware of privacy when shopping

ID scanning is not mandatory for purchase of cigarettes, the law requires that the cashier simply validates that it is government issued photo-ID. But according to your corporate policies is required of cashiers in purchases involving alcohol or tobacco is to:

To ask for ID and then SCAN ID through the register and that it is not OK if the employee simply looks at ID — that it must be scanned through the register except in Washington & Oregon. Unless otherwise required by law, the Company shall have a policy that only the following forms of current and valid photo-I. D are acceptable for purposes of establishing legal age to purchase tobacco:

a) Driver’s License;

b)State-Issued Identification Card;

c) U.S. Passport;

d) Military Identification Card; and

e) U.S. Immigration Card.

A temporary photo-ID is equally valid as the above aforementioned IDs and by refusing an unscannable valid ID shows that Circle-K has no respect for their customers and the the law itself. It is despicable and abhorrent of Circle-K lackadaisical handling of personal information that is more likely than not will be stolen in the future.
The Federal Reserve bank of Boston notes that to avoid identity theft, they recommend:

“Out of the Home – Shopping and Services When you sign a credit card slip, avoid putting your address, telephone number, or driver’s license number on it.”

But in the situation at hand, you don’t write it down at all–you hand it over in a conveniently exportable format. The device is in fact designed to export the data for a variety of purposes.

Bear in mind that the information is time-stamped. There’s no reason to think that credit card data is not also time-stamped. Name, number, DOB, billing address … just enough information to facilitate identity theft should the data not be properly secured. A person with a gripe, someone in financial trouble who knows the value of the information, or an outside data breach would do the trick. If you store the information, it will come out.

Do customers want to financially support a company with repugnant policies?

Circle-K # 2701488 | 97 N. Garden Ave. Sierra Vista, Arizona 85635 United States | 520-458-7457

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