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Today, 7/3/15, I was given a CircleK gift card for $25.00. I went to the store in Morongo valley, CA and presented my gift card to the cashier. He had difficulty processing my gift card at his register, he attempted it twice, and then he had to leave his station and go get help from Dave, Dave was in the back. The male cashier came back and then said it was OK to use my card at the gas pump #3. (note: #2 pump was not in service)

I went back to the gas pump and retrieved the nozzle and inserted into my gas tank. Nothing happened, so I went back into the store and alerted the cashier and he attempted something at his register. He then told me I could not use the card for 24 hours. This was unacceptable to me, and I asked for a manager, and the cashier just yelled loudly “Dave.” Dave came up from the back, he appeared to be eating, and he took my card and attempted something at his register, and then advised me that I could not use this card. I said I want another card or something to fix this situation, and he advised me that he could not do anything further.

I was upset to hear this, and said I was going to make a complaint, and Dave responded “go ahead.” No apology was given by either clerks, no attempted to remedy this situation, and frankly I was given a feeling that I was bothering both clerks.

I am a regular customer, sometimes I frequent this store twice a day, I really appreciate the store, it’s clean, well stocked, Jessica the manager is very professional and greets me every time I enter her store. But this experience was not pleasant. I have made a call to Circlek home office and left a message with them.

I feel like something should have been done to remedy this problem at that time. I did not do anything to block this card, the clerk stated “you placed the nozzle back which tweaked the card” and I did not do this! He was not there at the pump to witness what had occurred, so for him to accuse me of something is also very unprofessional. I will alert the person that purchased this card for me to not purchase again! She did say, my friend whom gave me this card, that she almost went to Chevron, but she knows that I frequent CircleK.

CircleK – 49669 – 29 Palms Highway Morongo Valley Ca 92256 | 760-363-0000

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