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When I paid the $4.95 price for a trial of lotion for my face I searched everywhere in the fine print to make sure that I would not be obligated for any future purchases and found NONE. Sure enough, in a few weeks I began receiving and being billed for not only one but TWO subscriptions of this product.

I sent them a nasty email and all they would do was cancel the subscription. To my surprise they KEEP sending and billing me for this CRAP! I’m tired of it and I’m going to my bank tomorrow. I should have done that sooner.

I hate this company.

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Loss of $119.00. No where did it say 14 day trial!!! No where did it say reoccurring charges!!! And NO WHERE is there any contact information on the package charge slip!!!! Then they want to charge you a *small fee* to cancel?!?! This stuff broke me out!!! And they want to charge me?!? Without even stating how to contact?!? Complete BS!!! Luckily I didn’t have to pay any * cancellation fee* I complained about that! So yes, I’m just a wee bit angry!


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