Seriously, we all want to look younger and are generally willing to pay a reasonable price for a product that will help us in this manner. Cellumis makes you this offer, not quite a promise, although all the “ladies” on the add would have your believe the product actually works, really diminishes those wrinkles and or fine lines, and they should be ashamed to participate in the deception.

Buyer BEWARE – at 54 the only thing Cellumis did was make those dark circles under my eyes even darker and for added benefit I have dry patches to make the look even more interesting. Keep your money – invest in a product you can truly return to the beauty counter and they will refund your money and not take additional funds.

Should you still choose to chance it PLEASE PLEASE cancel your “subscription” as soon as you receive the product, this way it will only cost you your initial payment, shipping & handling and the $19.95 they will try to charge you for the products you received and $50.00 (estimate) out of pocket beats $200.00 (estimate) any day of the week but crap is crap and your best bet is to still AVOID THIS PRODUCT AND SCAMMERS. Remember we are all BEAUTIFUL and we don’t need some two bit POS company and it’s product to prove it.

At the time of this writing I am still trying to cancel and have my monies returned – wish me luck!

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