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Cellumis sent a 30 day trial… for a couple of dollars. I agreed to try their two products. It appears I did not read thoroughly enough.

I received a new shipment the next month and my debit card was charged $89.99 and $89.95 for the new shipment. I did not realize I authorized this shipment by not replying to my sample shipment. There was NO info in any of the shipments – no phone numbers – there is an web site address

I located a reimbursement phone number 1-877-590-1802 BUT they only allow reimbursement of the 30 day trial items and I have to pay the return shipping charges after getting a return authorization first!

I said I want OUT of the program, as I am not allowed to return the shipment that I was charged $179.94… Sorry I HAVE to pay the money as I did not cancel before the 30 day trial was up… Also they wanted $1.98 fee to cancel my account.

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