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I was offered several “free” deals after a recent Internet purchase. I had no use for most of the junk- diet deals, baby care. I was curious about defying age, and opted only for the Cellumis deal. FREE “sample”. Only $4.75 for shipping. NO WHERE was I alerted to a “trial” or future expense.

Two weeks later, I was charged $94.99 on my credit card. Since I didn’t return the unused trial. Funny. No address with the sample. No contact info. No instruction to return. Even the 1-888 phone number (found on the credit card statement) went no where when I tried calling it after the $94.99 charge.

The credit card rep actually got through on the 1-888 number yesterday. Their customer service individual was well trained in denial and refused to cooperate.

A reminder to anyone doing business over the internet. Only buy what you are shopping for. Don’t be lured into traps and “deals” by unscrupulous salespeople and advertisements. The junk they send you really isn’t “free”.

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