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I would like to start by saying I love caseys; their employees, managers, and food. The new area supervisor in TN northwest region is another story. I admit I can be abrasive. This supervisor mentioned this and gave me a book to read. It was a great book. I am still reading it (how to win friends and influence people). I have always had a sense she did not like me; she would talk of her grandkids, kids and others peoples kids. She just never offered up interest in mine.

She has all employees scared to walk or work near her for fear of harsh reprimand (mind you this says you should not do it in the book she told me I should read). She never warmly greats people, she only voices disapproval of anything and everything, I mean everything! I was an assistant manager. In the past I struggled with my abrasiveness and have showed improvement since then. Yet no matter what I did there was nothing good to ever be said. Except when another supervisor complemented my improvement.

I have worked four stores and three of which were brand new in a place which knew nothing of caseys. I passed along my knowledge and worked hard. I never took weekends off and I was always quick to help another coworker or stay after my shift and help. My quality and workmanship, as well as my customer service were NEVER an issue. Only my supposed transgressions on interaction with company employees.

So I show up to work and am pulled in the office and told I’m bein fired for a few of conversations I never had and a few I did that were twisted and fluffed. I listened, I signed there termination paper and turned to leave. Only to be asked aren’t u goin to stick up for yourself. Yes I was asked to grovel after I had lost my job. Yes I was asked to blubber on about how I have no idea why this was said about me and certainly understand I come off abrasive but in no way should that warrant them to believe the lies they were saying. I did swear saying d**n as i would bump my foot or step wrong on it the night before while working only because I had dropped a 4 foot cutting board on my foot two night before and bruised it badly. I did not want to burden my coworkers so I came to work to do my job.

What do I get though? A pink slip from a bully who needs to be reprimanded for her abrasiveness. She is no better than how she had painted me. To top it off she don’t like mixed children or the fact that I, as a white women, date black men. She needs to be stopped before Tennessee gets a bad taste in their mouth about caseys management. She is like a monkey busy picking bugs off the body of caseys when she should pick them off herself first because she’s infested!

Casey’s General Store Inc – McKenzie, Tennessee 38201

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