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In November 2013, I signed my family up for the unlimited texting, data and shared 1000 airtime minutes with C-Spire under a 2 year contract. I’ve been a customer of C-Spire since before they were C-Spire. Cellular One sold out to Altel, then Altel sold out to Cellular South, then Cellular South sold out to C-Spire. That is over 15 years in total that I have been a loyal customer of this company.

Abouth four months ago, they started sending me texts saying that I had gone over my data limit. Mind you now, my family in total was only using 500 megabytes of data a month, paying for unlimited and STILL getting throttled to a crawl. I went to the C-Spire store since calling them to complain about this did absolutely no good. The rep at the store told me then that I was getting the messages and getting throttled because they no longer offered unlimited and the only way to stop it would be to change to a newer plan. She told me the plan would only cost me 125.00 a month. I told her I would have to talk to my husband before I changed anything, talked to him, he agreed to it and so I called them to change the plan.

That’s when they told me that since I was under contract until November of 2014, the plan would cost me 75.00 a month extra. They said the 125.00 a month was for nonplan customers only and that plan customers would have to pay 200.00 a month for the same service. I asked her THEN how much it would cost me to turn off my service since, in my opinion, THEY broke the contract by throttling my data, trying to force me to change to a higher priced plan and continued to text me every month stating I was going over my limit when my family used no data at all. She told me to discontinue my service would only cost me my last months bill plus a prorated bill of 130.00 to shut my service off in the middle of the month. Again, I told her that before I could do anything, I needed to talk to my husband, did so, he said shut the service down and I called back.

When I did, the woman tried to get me to continue my service, I politely declined and had our phones turned off. Got my bill in and I have over 600.00 tacked onto it for a early termination fee. When I called them back, they said that the last rep I talked to notated in the account that she advised me of the fees, advised me of how much the bill was and attempted to appease me by sending me credits on my bill every month which she did not do. When I explained that to the person I was speaking with, she flat out told me that they had to go by what the rep notated, basically called me a liar and when I asked them to pull the phone conversation, they said that the conversation had not been recorded, so they had to take her word for everything even though what she said was a complete and total lie.

Now, it appears I’m stuck with a bill for almost 1000.00 and they have absolutely no intention of doing anything to fix this.

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