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Buyers be aware of Premier Wholesaler internet frauds.  Run, run, run.

Premier wholesalers committed a misrepresentation advertising and delivered order that grossly misrepresented what they claim to be selling. What we ordered did not confirm to listing variation, advertisement or images shown on listing.

We called them several times, and no one ever answered their phones. We email them several times also and they respond to us, not addressing our concerns of the 275 inferior and counterfeit pieces, instead of the high quality 300 pieces WE PAID FOR. Premier wholesaler advertised on their website for high ends authentic name brands handbags from major department store.

We purchase 300 quantity pieces, they send us invoice to wired funds. Upon opening the received order, we were horrified and devastated from our observation of the bags. These bags did not contain any of the name brands mentioned or shown on the listing of high ends name brand bags or bags shown in photos image on their website and the bags were made of inferior material and look like the cheap China wholesales bags.

Order was shipped from china and not from any department store in the US, as stated on their site. We receive 275 pieces of bags, instead of the 300 pieces we paid for. In addition, there were counterfeit bags sent and other related brand among these bags still with no names or identification. This bags could not be identified to any designer’s brands. Only 2 bags among the 275 pieces have a name called, free birds, and poppy porch, never heard of these brands.


We requested to return order for our refund back, if they are not going to send us the correct order. They refused refund and will not further address any of our concerns, JUST LIKE THAT, CASE CLOSED, PERIOD.

Site listings reads “authentic bags from major department stores”, but you get garbage and unsaleable products. They are commenting internet fraud against unsuspecting consumers

Buyer save yourself the hassle and money, they are truly “VERY BAD DISHONEST SELLERS”.

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