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I have happily used this company’s international calling card and phone top-up services. However after midnight tonight while calling a number in Kenya for about 13 minutes, my balance dropped from $18.23 to $8.49 which amounted to a rate of roughly $0.75 per minute, almost ten times the rates I had been using before midnight.

When I called customer service, the lady (Grace) that I talked to calmly told me that the company reserves the right to adjust rates at any time without notice as per the terms and conditions for using the cards/services. So, I was caught off guard real good.

I am writing this to WARN other users to BEWARE RATES CAN BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. And in my case, the change was SIGNIFICANT. Meanwhile, I have sent an email to customer service expressing my utter disgust.

I suspect there could be other companies in the same line of business that my be using the same tactics to maximize their profits. I hope everyone out there with the same experience can post their ordeals here so everyone can know who to do business with. I’ll be checking periodically to see if the rates are reduced so I may use the remaining $8.49; hopefully soon.

I will promptly post BOSS’s response to my email, if any.

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