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I aw these cute Gypsy Lace-Up boots on the Shoespie website…I never had a problem making orders online before…when I finally got them a month later, I’ve never been so disappointed in a product and I paid $175.00 total for them! I thought I should’ve made them myself with deer hide or elk hide for a better price than for the price I was charged by Shoespie for plastic leather. Plus they don’t even fit.

The soles are the dangerous kind not usually made by shoe companies anymore…maybe I’m wrong but I never see those soles…a person would slip on concrete and maybe break their ankle or sprain something. They asked for pictures and proofs that the leather wasn’t quality and proof that they didn’t fit…sent them pictures of my toes overlapping the shoes…they still wanted more proof and pictures *_*.

Their refund policy clearly states that they would pay for shipping costs to return them but they want me to pay shipping costs. Outcome? Pending…sigh*

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