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boss revolution decided to steal my money when I called via their line. I have used the same line for a while and called same number so many times and have never got charged 75 cents a min.

They were rude to me and refused to refund my money after I explained to them that I had just lost my cousin and was communicating to my parents to arrange for his funeral. They would not even SHOW ANY REMORSE on that. they then told me that they had increased the rates from 7 cents to 75 cents a min but they have not let any one know. IMG_10601

I believe they must have stolen to so many customers who are unaware. They need to be held accountable. I am now left searching for another line to use after loosing my money to boss revolution.

When you check their website on rates to Kenya, you will find that they have hidden the safaricom line increase in the middle of other lines.

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