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I have used Boss Revolution for the longest time and I have always topped up $50.00 to make calls to Kenya. I have always had 17 hours or more during holidays as the company has promotions during public holidays. I have always called the same number. The last 2 times I have topped $50.00,(05/28/15 & 06/03/15), and I only got 5 hours. REALLY?

Then I call customer service and this rude lady Miriam, starts justifying how accurate everything is and she hangs up on me. I call again and speak with a rather pleasant guy who informs me that it is true they have had numerous complaints and some customers have been refunded back their money but not all. He stated he could not refund me any money as rates went up. He also stated their have had lots of irate customers calling as they have not been notified of the changes.

If you do not treat your customers right, we are living in a world where customers will just walk away and find someone who appreciates my business. I am doing exactly that.

To new customers and the old ones who do not know what is going on, please take your time to read all these reviews to stay away from this fraudsters.

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