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Subscribed with Boss International for international phone calling. I chose the lowest denomination calling plan ($5.00). Checked my bank statement a few day later and saw the charge for Boss International for the $5 bucks. Also saw another charge to another company in Hamburg Germany for $5.04. Had no idea what this was or who this company was, other than it was a similar charge and it was on the same day as Boss International’s charge.

I called Boss International and told them what was going on and they tried to play it off. I insisted on talking with someone who could explain this additional charge. I was told that I would get to speak to their “boss”.

Was put on hold and after 40 minutes, I hung up and called back several times. Only this time, I couldn’t even get back to a live customer service agent and eventually just got busy signals.

I will call my bank and get this second charge reversed, but save yourself the trouble and dont use this company from India (they might even call you to say that your computer has viruses and they can sell you a warranty, to help cleanup viruses only they can detect).

Boss International calling – 180-030-8993 bossrevolution.com

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