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My daughter and I decided we wanted to try the New Bob Evans restaurant at Cedar Center. When we arrived there were 3 tables with us that had at least two people dinning. The other two tables were eating, the waitress was trying to accommodate the table beside me since their order came out wrong.

After a wait the waitress came over and I ordered onion pedals, took 20 minutes, we placed our order, I had the roasted chicken, daughter had salmon and broccoli. We had one lemonade each. I had to repeatedly ask for, silverware, butter, things that are normally brought with the meal. She brought my daughters roll after asking for it 3 times when we were finished eating.

The food was cold, and bland. My daughters salmon and vegetables had nothing on them such as butter or cheese. I didn’t even look at the bill as I was so disappointed, I spoke with the manager, and he wanted to give us free dessert, or rolls to compensate for bad food, and bad service. I told him no.

When I got home and looked at my receipt they had charged me for 4 lemonade stand, which we only had two. I sent a complaint on their website and was supposed to hear back from them in 10! Nothing.

I am on a fixed income, so when we treat ourselves it is special. This entire experience as left me never wanting to eat there again. Two friends had had similar experiences, but I like to make my own opinions. I should have known!

I want a gift certificate for a decent meal or my $40.43 back for a horrible experience.

Bob Evans Store 571 – 13901 Cedar Center Plaza 44118 | 216- 320-9191

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