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My family and I was traveling during the holidays. We decided to stop at Bob Evans for breakfast in Port Orange, FL on Yorkstowne and Dunlawton. As soon as we walked through the door one of the servers said it is going to be a very long wait before you can be served like maybe 45 minutes. So we sat like the rest of the other three families that was waiting. We had been sitting waiting about 20 minutes. No movement from any of the other families. Now two more families come in. I didn’t see the server coming to seat anyone. I noticed another family now was leaving after finishing up their breakfast.

So I get up and look around the restrauant and notice that they have three tables empty with no server seating these two families that was before us. A man came to me that was probably from the area said he had been waiting for an hour already and that place has gone down bad with their service. I ask a server for their business card. She said we don’t have any I can’t find any. I then ask for the manager she said the manager I said yes. T

hen a woman came up and said you ask for me the manager I said yes I see what I need now. Which I notice her name badge was enough for me to see that her name was Paula Scopel. So unprofessional.

After I got her name we left and went down the street to Denny’s was greeted with a smile and welcome seated immediately ate a hot breakfast and was very satisfied.

When you have poor management and poor customer service in a supposely good family eating restrauant. You would think Bob Evans would trained each manager and the team on time management and greeting their customers with a smile than negative feedback that gives your customer the feeling that you don’t want to wait on them ever. Because we were feeling a little uneasy that maybe we should not have stopped here. There was no brown tone people at all in the restrauant cooking nor serving nor eating from what we saw. Until I got up and looked around the place and saw one brown skin couple. We ran into another one that left before us they was sitting and eating in the same Denney’s that we left to go to.

Bob Evans Restruant – 1711 Dunlawton Ave Port Orange FL 32127 386-767-6254

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