Very Sick Old Lady - Blue Bell Ice Cream

On March 17th & 18th I ate, I thought too much Blue Bell Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream. I haven’t been buying the product that long, fairly new to our area. Any way on the 19th of March I awoke at 4:30 AM, started throwing up, this went on for 12 hours solid.

I called our ER and my Drs. office they said to keep it home, It kept on, only starting diarrhea for 32 hours. 2 weeks later I still did not have any energy, and during that time I lost 11 lbs.

My husband said after eating some of the same product his stomach did not feel good at all. I talked to the legal dept. they were going to contact me, but nothing. Wanted to know if I had any of the ice cream, I told them a small amount in a half gal, he said, great.

As soon as i was able, was on the 31st of March. I contacted Blue Bell again, 2 weeks ago, they said they would be in contact with me, have not heard anything yet. I contacted there legal team, but still nothing.

I feel like the ice cream did make me sick, I still have about 1/3 of a half gal left, they are welcome to it.


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