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I was browsing the internet looking for a certain brand of face creme that was highly recommended, when I found it, they were offering a free sample and I would only have to pay for the shipping and handling. That was fine with me so I followed the links to place an order and I was instructed that the S&H would be $4.95 which was also fine. I entered the info from my credit card and hung up. I

had barely put the phone down when a “representative” called to confirm my order and to tell me that my card would be charged the $4.95 for shipping and did I also want the serum for $1.00 and I told them yes. When I received my order approx. 5 business days later it was not even the same company that I thought I was ordering from, but I thought I would try it after all it was free.

You can imagine my surprise and then outrage when my credit card was billed $87.63 for my ‘FREE” cream!! I looked at the pamphlet that came with my “FREE” cream and in little tiny print it says that I will be billed $87.63 every month for a bottle of this cream unless I send the product back to them within 10 days. It has already been 10 days, they wait to bill you till the 10 days are up I guess. Nobody said one word about having to pay $87 for anything, if they had of mentioned I would have told them never mind I did not want it.

So the only person that got anything for free is these two companies. I received the exact pamphlet with the same tiny print from both companies. So my “FREE SAMPLE WINDS UP COSTING ME $180.00 and some change” This is as far as am concerned fraud and false advertising. I had to pay the S&H to get it and if I don’t want it I have to pay the S&H to send it back, but I was not made aware of this until my credit card was billed, that is just blatantly cheating, lying and stealing from people and they should by be allowed to sell people products and not tell the whole truth which would be “yes ma’am you will be billed $4.95 for S&H and then an additional $87.63 for the FREE PRODUCT that we are sending you.

What a RIP OFF, how do they sleep at night knowing everyday that they are ripping people off? Anyway just beware of these two companies and I am sure they are not the only ones just the ones that I know of.

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