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I actually took a survey on 10/4/15 for my internet service provider At&T, and this cream was supposed to be FREE and all I had to pay was $4.95 for shipping. Today 10/20/2015, there was a charge on my credit card for $87.63 which was a monthly subscription for this cream.

Not anywhere on the site for this cream did it say I had 10 days to cancel anything, not anywhere in the packaging of this product did it tell me I was going to be charged $87.63 per month after a 10 day trial. I called this company today and they argued with me and said I should have seen the terms on the website, he said I agreed to them or they wouldn’t have sent me the product.

This is a lie, I never seen any terms but the representative I talked to did refund me $21.90 and cancel the monthly subscription. I would never pay that much money for face cream and I should have been refunded the whole amount. This should be illegal.

Don’t fall for it! I’ll never take another stupid survey.

Creme Del Mar – 3960 W Point Loma blvd 346 San Diego, California 92110 United States | 855-864-3158

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