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I too fell for the free trial – as soon as I signed up I received daily phone call from Biofinite and Crème del mar in which they asked me to confirm I was enjoying the product – I started off the first 3 days telling them I had not received therefore not tried.

When I received the first phone call asking if I was happy, I told them to cancel my order, cancel my membership, do NOT send me anything more, I do not was to continue. This happen 4+ times, each time, they thanked me and said I was all set. Yet, I just discovered the $83+ (times two) charges on my credit card!

I contacted Crème del mar and after 1 hour on the phone indicating I was filing fraudulent credit card charges to my credit card company and also I would flood the internet exposing them of fraud I was issued a refund (still pending). I have an email indicating the refund but I have to wait approx. 7 days (according to them) to see it as a credit on my credit card.

These tactics are sooo low! I wonder does the Dr. Oz show know this is what is happening! Since his name/show is link to this product – I do plan on writing to the Dr. Oz show to let them know, they may want to investigate companies a little more thoroughly.

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