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In the grand scheme of things my little problem is of no consequence to you but at the moment I am not a happy customer of the biddeford, maine, market basket… I was shopping there on thursday of this past week and was looking for utz cheese rings…. I have only seen these in this particular store in this area and tried them a week ago … My son and I really liked them so I wanted some more to share with my grandchildren who will all be here this weekend…

I asked a young man in the store (i believe he was an assistant manager but am not positive of this) if he knew where we could find them in the store… He helped us look and he went to ask someone out back about them and was told that they were getting more before the weekend so I said ok i’ll come back another time… The gentleman then suggested that I have some held at the customer service desk so that I would be assured of getting them…(i was just going to take my chances but he made the suggestion) so I said that would be great and I said I would come back on sunday to get them and I finished my shopping for that day and left with the knowledge that I had been treated very nicely in this store…

However, when I went in to pick them up today (that was the only reason I made the 40 mile round trip to that store) I was told that they knew nothing about the two containers that were to be held for me and since I didn’t know the name of the gentleman who helped me on thurs. That they couldn’t do anything for me and again they were sold out of this item… They tried to blame the utz vendor but he had nothing to do with it… It was the man in the store who suggested it and I trusted that he would do the right thing… Even if there was no name on the two containers the only one who would know that they were being held at the customer service desk would be the one they were being held for so that would have been me…

They told me there was nothing they could do for me …. Don’t get me wrong …I will shop there again as I do like the variety and the appearance and atmosphere of the whole store but at the moment I am not a happy customer… I live 20 miles away from this store and do not have the time nor the money to be going there if I am not going to get what I was told would be there waiting for me….
Next time I will get a name and I will call before I make the trip…
Customer service failed this time
Patty mcgloin

Biddeford market basket – alfred rd biddeford maine

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