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I’ve been buying from AAN-TV since they began. I’ve spent thousands of dollars with them on Jewelry, and Art and Rugs. Until the past few years when they really started to TRY to “compete” (in a Carnival Worker sort of way) with the expensive networks and the “AUCTION” part of their business became NON EXISTANT. I heard Jeremy say just 10 minutes ago “DON’T EVER call here with a $10 bid, during my showcase you will be turned away, NEVER call me with a $10 Bid on ANYTHING” and he was ANGRY that someone INSULTED him with a $10 bid. Well where I’m from and you represent yourself as an “Auction” a $10 bid counts and you HAVE TO TAKE IT (isn’t there a LAW about that somewhere ??) !!!

I bought an Etching from them and I didn’t get any Certificate of Authenticity with it, I called and spoke to Rob and he sad he’d send it and I never heard from them again….Okay live and learn I ate that one.

I bought a Rug once and when it arrived it didn’t even look like the same rug it was SUPER DARK and didn’t look anything like the rug they showed on TV with all their Light Trickery the rug looked bright and was DULL DIRTY and almost BLACK in color instead of the bright blues and rusts shown. It would have cost me more to send it back in Freight and a 20% restock fee so I kept it and sold it in a Garage Sale and got $10 for the garbage they sold me for $300.

I bought a $3000 painting and found it was FAKE…After their fighting with my American Express Card they finally agreed to take it back but KEPT 20% Restock for SELLING ME A FAKE PAINTING I had to PAY IT to get my money back !!!

BEWARE of “AANTV” Raising their own Bids !!! They Buy their own Paintings back and sell the EXACT same Painting the next day..I’ve watched for it and seen it MANY TIMES. Supposed “One of a Kind” paintings have sold 3 times and STILL show back up for sale the next day after a rigorous bidding process…so they MUST be JUMPING UP the Bids on People…THEMSELVES, and if no one is STUPID ENOUGH to jump in they just try to resell it. Why would ANYONE go from $100 bid to $1000 bid I’ve seen them try to pull that MANY TIMES….people aren’t that stupid but they try to sell that to people and some I’m sure get TAKEN with it !! BEWARE of these Bottom Feeder…CARNIE BARKER TRICKS !!

I’m DONE….I’ve learned over and over I’m done giving chances their “great deals are GARBAGE” I see their “TARKAY” Paintings on Ebay for $200 all day long….., if you call AANTV with a $200 Bid on Art, they will INSULT YOU and SLAP YOU DOWN.. Like I said I’ve spent Thousands here over the years and I wouldn’t trust them with 50 CENTS now.

I’ve called in with a $50 bid on a ring that had no bids and they never registered it,, they say oh sorry we just passed it you missed it ….BULL S**T with there 8 second delay…I was there in time and they DENIED my BID as I see them do with MANY PEOPLE….

I’ve heard Rob INSULT Bidders who bid $50. on a “COPY of a Painting”…what the hell do they want. ITS SUPPOSE TO BE AN AUCTION PEOPLE>>>> CHANGE YOUR D**N NAME !!!!

They say they look for Estate Sales…My Mom Died and I tried to contact them and no one ever called me back…and this was NOT a low rent Estate my Mom was an Antique Dealer and had 3 warehouses of goods…Their LOSS… Point is DO NOT BELIEVE what they SAY on their SHOW about wanting Estates its just BS to get you to BUY FROM THEM….They PRETEND to be interested in working with the Public and they could CARE LESS.. Their BULLSHIT on their Program is just that BS…They are NOT Friendly they are ALL just CARNIVAL BARKERS trying to TAKE YOU !!

This company used to take ALL BIDS and great deals were always there to be had, but NOW forget about it…If you don’t START at $1000 you can’t buy a ring, and that is LOW. They are RUDE, INSULTING, COMPLAIN that they have RENT and BILLS to pay. I don’t understand why ANYONE would buy from them. I have Bills and Mortgage too DO THEY CARE about ME ??? NO…. So in an Auction you get what you get and you should be happy with that….if NOT…SET THE PRICE and Stop MISREPRESENTING YOURSELF as an AUCTION !!

People BEWARE of AAN-TV…they are BOTTOM FEEDERS….that’s all I have to say !!

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ok chopper they need you with your million dollar advice and your stamped out in your garage silver atochas and 8 reales

I have had the same experience ….bought a ring and upon arrivail it had a cracked stone in it I sent it back for repair and they put a worst stone in place of it . Bottom line THEY LOST another customer …bullshit coin offers to boot.ex. unsearched old bank rolled coins with mercury dimes inside (that are freshly scratched up bright silver,these coins were facing with the scatches to the inside of the roll) A Washington ms 65 dollar w/missing lettering on the rim ,looks like it just came out of a bucket of nuts and bolts( all chipped… Read more »

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