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Was reading one evening how this breakthrough product could improve your skin, etc. CATCH= you must purchase an additional product that enhances this product to get optimal results. As the veil opens, it seems, that BELLA LABS poses as this pure to you company that wants nothing more to help you, but they are in cahoots with LaCreme SKIN CARE.

Now here’s the scam. They say, try our product FREE, only pay 4.99 shipping and handling and if you don’t like it then fine, no harm no foul. What happens is they ship you full size bottles of both, and in my case they said I HAD SIGNED UP FOR TWO TRIAL SAMPLES which I did not! However they shipped two!! Then when I saw they were going to charge me, THE MINUTE YOU OPEN UP THE BOTTLE AND USE ONE DROP OF IT. 89 plus dollars I called them.

I was told by BELLA LABS, that its a TRIAL so IF YOU USE ANY OF IT, then they consider it a SALE. So I told him I had not even opened the bottle yet and was going to send it back to them and wanted my 4.99 reimbursed as well as a return shipping label. He said they could NOT do that because it cost them money to package it and ship it to me so it’s my loss and I would have to pay to ship it back. Same thing with LaCreme.

They do the very same thing. They do not refund what you paid them, will charge you if you even TRY THEIR FREE TRIAL ( HA! ) then charges you AGAIN to mail it back to them! WHAT A RACKET THOSE TWO COMPANIES HAVE GOING!

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