Scam to the max. This company need to be stopped immediatley. - Bed Defense

I called the company to tell them I never received the amount of product that I was being billed for. It is a disgrace that they are scamming people this way. I am very distraught over this situation and had to cancel my account at the bank because of this. I ordered one trial size for me an one for my friend.

Recurring charges for over $100.00 for two months are on my bank statement!

I have lost over $200.00 that I worked very hard for. I told the manager what they are doing is stealing from people and lying about what they send you. I even asked her would she like to pay $200.00 for two little bottles of spray and 4 little traps that I don’t even know that they really work at all. I really couldn’t even work for a company like this knowing that they are taking advantage of people and scamming them soooooo! very bad.

Details about this were never clear at all. I really thought I was only to get the trial order. They said it was explain that I would get this monthly and I said get what! What I paid for wasn’t even worth the $4.95 that I was initally charged for!

Do not buy from this company!

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