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Recently I noticed some bugs in my home and they were only in one area so I started doing some research on how to get rid of them. Bed Defense kept popping up and that they had a free offer to get 2 disks from them and you would only have to pay the shipping and handling charges. All the reviews that I read were how “wonderful” they are and how “great” the product was.

I didn’t even finish filling out the form completely cause my computer was messing up and I received an email stating that my order would be shipped and that I was only going to be charged the $4.95 for the shipping.

Now, 2 weeks later, I was looking at my checking account balance and noticed that there was a charge from BedDefense for $58.74. When I called them, Ida, said that since I didn’t call them within 14 days that they had to charge me the $58.74. No where on their form that you have to fill out does is say to contact them within 14 days if you are not happy with the product. Their statement on the internet says that it repells bugs within just a few days. After using the product I noticed MORE bugs, NOT less.

I only work part time and am partially handicapped. I don’t have this kind of money to be spending on things that don’t work!! It is my belief that this company should be shut down SOON!!! They are a rip off and a big SCAM!

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