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I ordered the Wrinkle Rewind and Oxygenius samples for a total of $9.90 on 6/24/2015 and I received them n 7/2/2015. On the invoice it stated that I would automatically be sent additional products that would be charged to my credit card. Because I did not want this to happend until I had thoroughly tried the products, on 7/3/2015 I mad several attempts to call the company bu t received only a fast busy signal. I had the phone number of the 3rd party company who handles shipping and was told to keep trying or send an email.

I finally go through to an automated system which told me I could cancel my account but would be shipped a discount product for $28.71. I wanted to cancel so I press 1 in the hopes of getting a voice. UnfortunatelyI immediately received an alert from my Visa that $28.71 was charged to my account. i have spoken with my Visa card bank and reported this as fraud.

On 7/4/2015 I was able to reach a customer service rep, named Karen, that my account was now closed and that I would not receive any other products but she would only give me a credit of $14.36 (1/2 of $28.71) and I had to return the samples at my expense in order to get the full refund. She claimed that the $28.71 was the discounted price and the $9.90 was shipping, which I vociferously disputed with her She also refused to put me through to a supervisor. I realized after that I was still out the $9.90 plus the additional postage.

I called again today 7/5/2015 and ended up with Karen again. She blabbed on that I could not speak to a supervisor and that I was beyond the 14 day. She also hung up on me. I did receive an email that $14.36 was being credited to my Visa and I did receive the RMA numbers for the return. I have not seen the credit of $14.36 on my credit card, and I don’t believe that I will actually receive it. I still want to get the additional credit for $14.35 and to not have to send the samples back.

At this moment I am out the price of the samples, $9.90, the $28.71, and whatever it costs to ship the samples back. I know others are out more than I am, but it’s the principle. I am also going to take the advice of another complainant and cancel my credit card to insure that I get no other charges from this scam company.


More Information Added  BY:  Ellen Walker  ON: July 27, 2015

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I must have made such a tirade on the phone that I was given a full credit of $28.71 and a return authorization to send back the samples which I did at the cost of $3.54 via USPS. However, I did not receive a credit to my Visa card. When I called Beauty and Truth, I was told that I would not receive a credit because those were shipping charges for the samples. I again got into a “discussion” with customer service where I told him that I was told to send them back. he still refused to give me the refund and kept saying “it’s a shipping charge, and we don’t refund shipping charges. I finally hung up on the Now, I’m only out the $9.90 plus my postage. All I can say is…DO NOT EVEN START TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH BEAUTY AND TRUTH THEY ARE A SCAM. I was lucky to get my $28.71 back from them.

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