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After purchasing Avast Premier with Grime Fighter and installing with no problem in Win. 7-64 Grime Fighter would not run or even show up. Contacting support promised me and explicitly told me that due to critical problems with MY pc Grime Fighter was not recognized and MY pc needed immediate attention and that if I purchase “Avast Total Support” their tech would clean out MY pc which was extremely dirty and no question Grime Fighter would then run. To say the least MY pc is not dirty. In fact the Avast tech ran the same programs that I use frequently such as “HitManPro, JetClean, RegClean, CCclean, RKill and others that I use consistently. I keep my pcs clean.

Anyway, long story short, after about an hour and a half Grime Fighter still does not work. I have for over two weeks been trying to get to someone in billing to cancel Total Support which is a TOTAL waste. I got to many, many techs in this process. Each one had their own story as to why Grime Fighter didn’t work and won’t work. The last one told me that Grime Fighter simply was not compatible with many pcs and is quite an issue and they are working on it. They are also working on it seems making promises they can’t keep and once they take your money they keep it.

I then sent in a support ticket which was necessary and haven’t heard a thing from that either. Grime Fighter and Total Support together cost $230 and both are useless (to me) as I only purchased Grime Fighter as I was promised up and down and inside out that if they cleaned MY pc it would work. Well, it doesn’t!

So, I am out $230. Not only out $230 but try to find anyone on the planet who has anything to do with Avast that cares. They last tech today told me I bought it and I have it for a year and I can use it anytime. Sure I can. I bought a one year contract of Grime Fighter with Total Care. Problem is they lied to me about Total Care and Grime Fighter still does not work.

Today I called 11 different phone numbers all given me by Avast support and techs to resolve this issue or at least find someone to speak to. Five of the numbers given were disconnected. Several of the others wanted to clean my pc AGAIN and made the same promise that they would take care of everything. My best over all suggestion is “stay away from Avast” altogether! It’s in another country and once they get paid, you get screwed!

Avast Antivirus – 255 Shoreline Dr Redwood City California 94065 | 866-951-7679

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