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I purchased Grimefighter, two years for 50.00, from Avast because I like the Avast Premier. Grimefighter scanned but when booting went to a black screen with a flashing cursor in upper left hand corner of the screen. I waited about an hour but the laptop never booted back up.

I called Avast and was told that my computer was in a mess and that Grimefighter would never work unless it was cleaned up by qualified technicians. I agreed to let him charge my credit card $180.00 for the cleanup.

After two hours of the technician running software to clean my computer, Grimefighter wouldn’t even scan unless I connected my laptop to the router with an ethernet cable. I am retired on a fixed income and am writing this complaint to prevent others from being scammed by Avast.

I have always recommended Avast and believe it is a good antivirus but find scam artists despicable.

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