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I thought was one of the better companies, but my experience with them today feels like a total runaround scam. My computer was slow and I decided to try their anti-grime software to the tune of $20. After several hours, the program told me that there was something wrong ON THEIR END and the program would not run and they were “working on it.”

I called their customer support line and the “technician” connected to my computer and spent nearly an hour with me “diagnosing” all of my problems and upselling me to their full support service for another $180. Silly me, I purchased it and was told to sit in front of my computer for “just a few minutes” until someone reconnected.

Over 30 minutes later, I called customer support, and waited in queue to talk to someone. Finally the technician came through on chat and told me that I would have to back up my computer and have all of my software keys available before he started. Of course, the salesperson never told me this. When I said, “no thanks” and asked for a refund, I was put on hold again for another 15 minutes before I could talk to billing. They said they could only refund the $180 and I had to submit a support ticket for the original $20. Also, no refund even on the $180 for 72 hours – when they finally get around to sending me an email with a link I have to click on.

This is bait and switch in my mind – “we have this great grime software that will speed up your computer – oops it doesn’t work – here buy this other service that we won’t completely explain to you – oh, now you want a refund? Look for an email in 72 hours and make a separate support ticket request.” I’ve spent several hours on this today, in addition to $200, and the result is nothing but frustration.

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