Bad Customer Service and Bad Tech Support - Avast

Bad customer service and tech support.

I just dropped $179.99 on tech support. They took the entire day with three different techs which promised to fix the problem. I still have the problem. But now I have more problems. My fonts have all changed to weird dots and they took files off my computer without my permission that were related to my business. Not only do I pay for the Avast service per year at $125 now I am out of the tech fee and still a messed up computer.

Their customer service rants at the bottom for trying to retain customers. They agents yelled at me and were not helpful. Under no circumstance would they issue me a refund. Not even a prorate refund. I hope anyone reading this will go somewhere else for their security and not use these scammers!

I am going to fight with my bank once the charge hits my account that this company is nothing but a scammer preying on people who need help fixing their computer.

Avast Antivirus – 255 Shoreline Drive, Suite 515 Redwood City CA 94065 United States | 866-951-7679

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