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I ordered a floral bouquet to be delivered on October 1, 2015 & learned over a month later that no flowers were delivered to intended recipient however I was billed for the product & the charge went through. Subsequently I contacted AVAS FLOWERS who admittedly stated that they had made an error & failed to deliver said flowers, had billed me for the flowers & delivery & failed to inform me of any problem.

They did send me a confirmation notice of delivery & charges processed via email! It took 4 phone calls to learn that my order was apparently looped into their system as a pending delivery. They offered to re-deliver however by this time I’m wondering if AVAS FLOWERS even has access to flowers! I requested a refund & will not use this company again. There was no apology nor any suggestion of making amends. No customer satisfaction nor concern for it.

It is a great scam as how many people follow up on whether flowers they sent were received & unknowingly pay for nothing?

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