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I ordered flowers for my sister in law, whose mother had just died, and chose 12 White Roses from ‘Avas Flowers‘ Hot Deal’, priced at $34.99 reduced from $67.99, with free delivery, plus a standard card @ $2.99, total order: $37.98.

Then a few days later, I looked at my credit card and found that I’d been charged $59.93. I emailed Avas Flowers for an explanation and told I’d ordered Farm Fresh Facility which were $42.99, plus the full size greeting card for $2.99, which brings your subtotal to $45.98. With a standard service fee (explained in detail in our Terms of Service) of $13.95 your grand total is $59.93. I forwarded them images off their site to show them what I had ordered, which was vastly different to what I’d been charged, but they wouldn’t budge.

So just to warn you, be careful. http://www.avasflowers.net/categories/flowers-deals/flowers-hot-deals (select 12 dozen roses for $34.99!)

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Here’s the thing with ordering from a flower service: 1. When you see their picture of flowers for $19.00, that picture is the deluxe arrangement which is much higher, usually $50.00 or more. No florist can do flowers like they show for $19.00. 2. When you order an arrangement for let’s say $50.00. The service sends a florist an order for much less than what you paid. I think they send florist whatever amount they can get away with. So for your $50.00,they want the florist to do it for $20.00 ,so that’s what you get a $20.00 flower arrangement.… Read more »

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