AT&T has been defrauding me and my husband for a while now. They have done identity theft in our names and keep threatening us so that we will submit money or buy services from either AT&T or their business associates against our will. They have hacked our wifi on our cell phone and crossed my cellphone account with my husbands to keep his services with Verizon even though he has Boost Mobile. They hack our computer and have stolen money from my bank accounts, including Paypal in order to cover their fraud. There is a long list of things that AT&T has done to us and is doing to us in an attempt to intimidate and force us to give them money in any method that they can obtain it.

These Ridgeland Police and Postal Workers are actually Anti-Government! The Biggest Anti-Government, Anti-American, Anti-Democracy representative is AT&T Corporation and the individuals that support their deviant treatment of U.S. Citizens. This company and these police officers, postal workers, and other city employees are working to oppress and rule the people with a “Corporate Government!!” There is great danger to the public! AT&T is robbing people, and threatening them into giving their Corporation more money as demanded. They are using anti-government, anti-American, and anti-democracy minded individuals to strong-arm the public into submission!

Why else would these people aid in the abuse and dedraudment of the public? Our own federal government has sued at&t over 21 times for defrauding them and the public. At&t is required to repay the united states government and citizens millions and billions of dollars! What government employee/employees would align with at&t in strong-arming money covertly from the public. These are anti-goverment, anti-american, anti-democracy individuals that are grouping together to enforce. Their wicked agenda that they have planned for the american citizens.

AT&T CORP – Ridgeland Mississippi 39157

For AT&T Representatives or Owners

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